Wire and Pearl Cuff

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  • While vacationing on the beach in Mexico many years ago, I picked up some sterling wire and freshwater pearls and knitted cuffs on the beach (too hot for wool!). Over time I've found that the bigger and sloppier the stitches, the more interesting the finished product looks — so don't try to be neat and tidy. Have fun experimenting with different types of wire, needle size and beads and see what you come up with!

    Skills Needed

    General knitting knowledge.


    Custom (see directions for sizing).



    The amount will vary greatly depending on the width of your cuff; 1 oz of sterling will yield several cuffs.

    • Galvanized steel will not rust; you’ll want 28-30 gauge, available at hardware stores or floral wire on a paddle from the craft store.
    • Sterling will tarnish (but polishes); you can use 26–28 gauge, available at bead stores.
    • Gold filled with copper core, I used 30 gauge, it’s quite soft, available at bead stores.


    Freshwater pearls, between 15 and 25 for each cuff.


    Note: I prefer metal needles for knitting wire – and don't expect to use them for anything else – the wire will scratch them!

    • US 11 on 28 gauge galvanized and 26-28 gauge sterling.
    • US 9 on the 30 gauge gold and copper wire.


    Knitter's preference.


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