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What do you do with all those plastic shopping bags that multiply in your cupboard? You knit with them, of course!

See the tutorial on www.cocoknits.com on how to cut the bags into strips. Then check out the tutorial on rag knitting because you can use that method to connect the strips into one big ball of plastic “yarn”.

The finished re-bag is holey and stretchy so I used an eco-friendly reusable shopping bag to line my re-bag and give it more structure and strength. I used no-sew bachelor or dungaree buttons to put everything together so this is another no-sew project!

Skills Needed

General knitting knowledge; preparation of plastic "yarn" described in the plastic bag knitting tutorial.


small (large)

  • Small bag: approx 10” high x 10” wide x 5” deep.
  • Large bag: approx 12” high x 12” wide x 6” deep.



At least 20-30 plastic shopping bags (the number will vary greatly depending upon the size of your bag).

A reusable shopping bag the same size or larger than your
plastic re-bag.

2 yards of webbing and 8-14 dungaree or bachelor buttons which you will use to attach the webbing and liner bag to your knitted bag.


24–29” Circ # 11.


It’s a plastic bag, who cares!

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